2021 Columbia Orthopedics Tumor Review: Resident Seminar

Webinar / October 30, 2021 / 8am – 2pm

Pathology study of an epitheliod sarcoma of the hand
Pathology slide of an epitheliod sarcoma of the hand.

If the image above sets your heart racing, you may want to attend the Columbia Orthopedics Tumor Review: Resident Seminar – a high yield review course designed to prepare residents for the up-coming Orthopedic In-Training Exam. The focus will be orthopedic oncology – a clinical, radiographic, and pathologic review of the most commonly seen oncologic issues that orthopedic surgeons treat.

Join national orthopedic oncology leaders on Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 8am EST for this 6 hour seminar. There is a $25 registration fee for this event.

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Upon completion participants should have a knowledge of:

  • Principals of diagnosis and management of common benign and malignant bone tumors
  • Diagnosis and management of soft tissue tumors
  • Work up of a bone lesion and treatment of patients with metastatic bone disease
  • Understanding of histology of commonly encountered orthopedic tumors
  • Common testing pitfalls to avoid in answering oncologic related questions


Course Director

  • Wakenda K. Tyler, MD, MPH

    Chief, Orthopedic Oncology, Columbia University Irving Medical Center

    Portrait of Dr. Wakenda Tyler

Seminar Agenda

I. Interactive Pre-Test – Dr. Tyler – 20 min

II. Soft Tissue Tumors60 min

  • Benign – Dr. Morris
  • Malignant – Dr. Morris

III. Benign Bone 1 h 45 min

  • Cartilage Forming – Dr. Levin
  • Bone Forming – Dr. Levin
  • Fibrous/other (GCT, NOF, Fib Dys, Osteo Fib Dys, Osteomyelitis) – Dr. Tyler
  • Syndromes (Maffucci, MHE, Ollier, McCune-Albright, NF1) – Dr. Tyler

IV. Malignant Bone Tumors45 min

  • OGS – Dr. Cooper
  • Ewings – Dr. Cooper 
  • Chondrosarcoma – Dr. Cooper

V. Metastatic Disease and Workup of Unknow Primary – Dr. Jang – 30 min

VI. Random/Rare things45 min

  • Paget’s, Melorheostosis, Osteopoikilosis, Osteopetrosis, FOP – Drs. Tyler and Jang

VII. Post-test Questions – Dr. Tyler – 30 min


  • Anna R. Cooper, MD, MPH

    Assistant Professor, Loyola University Medical Center

  • Eugene S. Jang, MD, MS

    Orthopedic Oncology Fellow, University of Florida

  • Adam S. Levin, MD

    Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins

  • Carol D. Morris, MD, MS

    Chief, Orthopaedic Oncology, Johns Hopkins