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Orthopedic surgeon instructing medical student in the operating room

Columbia Longitudinal Information Program (CLIP)

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and recommendations by the Counsel of Orthopedic Program Directors (CORD) we have developed the Columbia Longitudinal Information Program (CLIP). Open to 4th year medical students applying to orthopedic residency programs, CLIP allows medical students to virtually engage in the absence of in-person sub-internships. Please note, CLIP is not a virtual sub-internship and is designed to be very flexible. Participants will be assigned a resident "buddy," and will have opportunities to engage with our faculty twice monthly. Education sessions will be held on Sunday evenings at 9:00pm eastern, from June to November, to try and avoid conflicts with your own home sub-I’s and other responsibilities.

To apply to CLIP, please forward a brief email of interest, your CV, med school transcript, and USMLE scores to our program coordinator, Jewel Williams, at We will review your application to CLIP and notify you, if accepted, with details on participation.

Orthopedic Surgery "Acting Internship"

Medical students will spend 4 weeks as an “acting intern” in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery during their 4th year. The acting internship is an intense 4-week rotation meant to simulate life as an intern, spent on one of the 8 subspecialty services. The student will be expected to perform as a true sub-intern on the respective service, and their responsibilities will include those listed under the third year 1-week clerkship in addition to overnight call responsibilities, more advanced history and physical exam skills, in-depth knowledge of orthopedic surgical anatomy, and deeper integration into the teaching program. Significant time will be spent with residents, fellows and attending staff on the respective service. There will be formal and informal presentations including case presentations at the weekly fracture conference, subspecialty conferences, and finally, an end-of-rotation presentation.

Columbia medical students should apply via the Office of Student Affairs.

Visiting medical students should apply via the OASIS application program site on the Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons website.

For further information, please contact:

First Day Meeting Instructions

  • You will be contacted by Dr. Charles Jobin, Residency Program Director, for your subspecialty team assignment prior to your acting internship month.
  • Students should plan to meet at 6 am in the Russell Hibbs Library on PH11. This is located at 622 West 168th Street (Presbyterian Hospital Building). You will meet with the 2 administrative chief residents to discuss the specific logistics, goals, objectives, and other critical information.
  • First day of session at PH site, students will present at center wing (PH11-1130) to sign-out textbook.
  • Daily and weekly assignments will be given at that time. For visiting students, basic orientation and IDs will be obtained on the first day as well.

Third-Year Students

Medical students spend one week on the orthopedic surgery service during their Major Clinical Year (MCY) of medical school. They are expected to learn how to take an orthopedic medical history, perform a thorough physical exam of the musculoskeletal system, and be familiar with the more common orthopedic problems such as back and neck pain, hip fractures, osteoporosis, and so forth. The students are assigned to the attending surgeons on the trauma, adult reconstruction, hand/microvascular, bone disease, and pediatric orthopedic services and are under the surgeons' direct supervision. The students' knowledge and competence is assessed by the supervising attending.

At the end of the rotation, students should be able to:

  • Take an orthopedic history and perform an orthopedic physical examination.
  • Understand the pathophysiology of the more common orthopedic disorders.
  • Identify the basic diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to common musculoskeletal disorders (both medical and surgical).
  • Leave with a sense of how an orthopedic service is administered and its relationship to other medical disciplines.

First Day Meeting Instructions

  • Administrative receptionist will email student, preceptor and chief residents meeting instructions for first day of session.
  • Instructions for students rotating at the PH site are as follows: Meet at 6:50 am at PH11-1139 (Russell A. Hibbs Library)
  • First day of session at PH site, students will present at center wing (PH11-1130) to sign-out textbook.
  • Immediately following each session, textbooks will be returned.