• The Foot and Ankle team provides operative and non-operative treatment for all manner of foot and ankle disorders, from common injuries to complex bone and joint disorders and traumatic injuries.

    Physical examination of a patient's foot and ankle.
  • Our Hand and Upper Extremity team delivers comprehensive care for all types of hand, wrist, and elbow disorders, from common conditions to complex disorders and traumatic injuries.

    Physical examination of a patient's hand
  • Providing cutting-edge treatments and the latest advances in joint replacement for the management of arthritic disorders of the hip and knee, and delivering superior outcomes for patients.

    A physician performing a lower extremity physical examination.
  • Our hip preservation team provides comprehensive care for all types of hip disorders, from congenital deformities to degenerative conditions and athletic injuries in pediatric and adult patients.

    Downhill skier making a sharp turn
  • The Orthopedic Oncology service at Columbia Orthopedics provides comprehensive care for adult and pediatric patients with all manner of bone and soft tissue tumors, diseases, and disorders.

    Microscopic image of a musculoskeletal oncology pathology sample.
  • Providing advanced care for the full spectrum of congenital, developmental, and traumatic disorders affecting the bones, muscles, joints, and spines of children – from infants to adolescents.

    baby foot in a cast
  • The Physical Therapy Division at Columbia Orthopedics offers treatment for all types of musculoskeletal injuries and impairments to improve mobility, reduce pain, and enhance quality of life.

  • Our team of specialists provides athletes of all skill levels and ages – from professionals to weekend warriors – with personalized care to return them to peak performance.

    Columbia Orthopedics sports medicine provider consults with an athlete
  • Our spine physicians specialize in surgical and non-surgical treatment of all types of spinal deformities, acute injuries, and degenerative conditions – from the commonplace to the complex.

    3D printed model of a severe spinal deformity
  • Our musculoskeletal trauma team offers full-service care for all types of orthopedic trauma in patients of all ages, from everyday injuries to complex fractures requiring surgical repair.

    Physical examination of an athlete's knee.
  • The Weinberg Family CP Center at Columbia University Irving Medical Center provides comprehensive multidisciplinary care to patients of all ages living with CP, bridging care for a lifetime.

    cerebral palsy patient in wheelchair with father and doctors