From the Chiefs

Portraits of Drs. Carl Herndon and Nana Sarpong
Drs. Carl Herndon and Nana Sarpong, Executive Chief Residents 2020-2021

Welcome to Columbia Orthopedics/NYOH, where we have a history of excellence. Founded on the pioneering work of Drs. Harrison McLaughlin, Russell Hibbs, Frank Stinchfield, Robert Carroll, Charles Neer, and Louis Bigliani, the department exemplifies the very best in orthopedic education and surgery. Under our current Chairman, Dr. William Levine, a world-renowned shoulder surgeon, the historic legacy of the department continues to thrive.

At NYOH, residents enjoy a robust operative and clinical experience with a variety of outstanding faculty members who represent every orthopedic sub-specialty. Our residents take advantage of dedicated research time to cultivate collaboration with our impressive research faculty, and they consistently at the most prestigious fellowships in the country. A culture of education and excellence permeates the entire department, and we believe firmly that the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Columbia University Irving Medical Center offers one of the strongest and richest orthopedic surgery training programs in the country.

The residents here were some of the most intelligent, collegial, hard-working, and friendly I came across during my interview trail. Under the leadership of Drs. Levine, Jobin, and Lynch, the dedication to resident, fellow, and medical student education is unprecedented, and there is a strong focus on maintaining a collegial environment that fosters and promotes excellent training. We have world-class faculty ubiquitously across all divisions that are dedicated to education, research, and above all, exceptional patient care. With a class size of 6, I found this to be the perfect fit for me, in developing meaningful relationships with my co-residents, fellows, as well as my attendings over the years. To top it all off, our residents match at the best fellowships in the country across all sub-specialties. I would rank Columbia Orthopedics #1 over and over again!

Dr. Nana Sarpong ‘21

I chose Columbia Orthopedics after spending a month here as a Sub-I during medical school. The thing that set it apart then, and what continues to set it apart now is the people and the relationships here. I genuinely believe that I have the best co-residents and attendings in the country. The camaraderie and mentorship are phenomenal, and in turn, the opportunities to use those relationships to further both my personal and professional life is excellent. It also makes coming to work every day enjoyable and fulfilling.

Dr. Carl Herndon ‘21