COVID Challenges: Remote Learning Ergonomics

Webinar Recorded October 13, 2020


A discussion with orthopedic and therapy experts on avoiding injury and keeping kids active while learning remotely.

The challenges presented by remote learning are new to all of us. As musculoskeletal experts, and parents, we know the undue stress associated with this new task. Join our group of pediatric orthopedic specialists to understand more about the importance of an appropriate study/work station, the necessity of a fitness routine, and how to avoid some of the common complaints that we've seen from children and parents over the last few months. 

Speakers & Agenda

  • Remote Learning Challenges: Pediatric Orthopedics Perspective

    • Christen Marie Russo, MD, FAAOS – Course Director
  • The ABCs of Easy Ergonomics: Transforming Your Home

    • Prachi Bakarania, DPT
    Portrait of Prachi Bakarania, DPT
  • Move It! Don't Become a COVID Couch Potato

    • Kelly Grimes, DPT
  • Breakout to Prevent Burnout: Keeping Kids Active

    • Kevin Migliore, DPT
    Headshot of Kevin Migliore, DPT