The 40th International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology Orthopaedic World Congress

Lectures and research from Columbia Orthopedics faculty

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The 40th International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology (SICOT) Orthopaedic World Congress will include lectures and presentations from Columbia Orthopedics faculty. SICOT will take place through December 4-7 in Muscat, Oman. SICOT is a non-profit that promotes the advancement of orthopaedics and traumatology research on an international level to improve patient care, and advance teaching, research and education.

See below for the syllabus of presentations and lectures being presented by Columbia Orthopedics faculty:

Thursday, December 5 

Spine Free Papers 1 Session: 

  • 8:15am - Surgical Site Infections in Pediatric Spinal Surgery over a Decade of Serial and Iterative Efforts to Eradicate Infection: Timing Matters. David P. Roye Jr. (Authors: David P. Roye Jr., Bradley Hammoor, Hiroko Matsumoto, Gerard Marciano, Lucas Dziesinski, Benjamin D. Roye, Michael G. Vitale)  


‘Just-A-Minute’ presentation: 

  • 10:05am - Development and Validation of a Risk Severity Score Identifying Patients with Cerebral Palsy at High-Risk for Developing Surgical Site Infection after Spinal Surgery. David P. Roye Jr. (Authors: David P. Roye Jr.,  Hiroko Matsumoto, Megan Campbell, Benjamin D. Roye, Lawrence G. Lenke, Paul Sponseller, Jack Flynn, David Skaggs, Michael Glotzbecker, Michael G. Vitale)  


Just-A-Minute Paper Session 2: 

  • 3:41pm - How degenerative is the tendon in Achilles tendon ruptures? Henrik Backer. (Authors: J. Turner Vosseller, Henrik Backer, Tony T Wong) 


Hand Free Paper Session: 

  • 4:32pm - Systematic review of diagnosis for clinically suspected scaphoid fractures: which is best? Henrik Baecker. (Authors: Henrik Baecker, Chia Wu, Robert J. Strauch


Foot & Ankle Free Paper Session: 

  • 4:40pm - Topical review: fibular nail fixation. Henrik Baecker. (Authors: Henrik Baecker, J. Turner Vosseller


Paediatrics Free Papers 1: 

  • 5:04pm – Validation of the Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) Pain Measures in Pediatric Patients with Cerebral Palsy. Joshua E. Hyman. (Authors: Joshua E. HymanHiroko Matsumoto, Matthew Simhon, Heakyung Kim, David P. Roye Jr.


Spine Free Paper Session: 

  • 5:20pm - Spinopelvic dissociation in patients suffering injuries from airborne sports. Henrik Baecker. (Authors: Henrik Baecker, Chia Wu, J. Turner Vosseller, Lorin Benneker, Fabian Krause, Christoph Albers) 

Friday, December 6 

Spine Free Papers 3 Session: 

  • 9:03am –  The Association between Subjective Health Related Quality of Life Outcomes and Objective Pulmonary Function Testing.  David P. Roye Jr. (Authors: David P. Roye Jr., Gerard Marciano, Hiroko Matsumoto, June Ha, Klane White, Gregory Redding, Scott Luhmann, Sumeet Garg, Study Group Children's Spine, Study Group Growing Spine) 


Paediatrics Free Papers 2 Session: 

  • 9:19am –  Depression in Pediatric Patients with Cerebral Palsy: Evaluating the Validity of a PROMIS Depression Symptoms Domain and At-Risk Patient Identification. Joshua E. Hyman. (Authors: Joshua E. Hyman,  David P. Roye Jr., Hiroko Matsumoto, Gerard Marciano, Heakyung Kim) 
  • 9:27am – Anterior Knee Pain in Adults with Cerebral Palsy: A Miraculous Treatment? Joshua E. Hyman. (Authors: Joshua E. Hyman, Ahmad Bayomy, Hung Chun Wai, Thejas Hiremath, Danielle Annis, Fay Callejo, Megan Campbell, Nicole Bainton, Hiroko Matsumoto, Lauren H. Redler, Charles A. Popkin, David P. Roye Jr.

Saturday, December 7 

Paediatrics Short Free Papers Session: 

  • 9:10am – Patients with Scoliosis in the Setting of Cerebral Palsy are at a Higher Risk for Needing Assistive Devices. Joshua E. Hyman. (Authors: Joshua E. Hyman,  Megan Campbell, Christopher Deallie, Hiroko Matsumoto, Fay Callejo Gbolo, Nicole Bainton, Michael G. Vitale, Benjamin D. Roye, David P. Roye Jr.


Trauma Free Paper Session 

  • 11:02am - Trauma Free Paper Session Complications associated with plate fixation of distal fibular fractures. Henrik Backer. (Authors:  J. Turner Vosseller, Henrik Backer, Justin K. Greisberg