Dr. Elan Goldwaser: Keynote Speaker at Westchester Parks and Recreation Department

Columbia Orthopedics primary care sports medicine specialist Elan L. Goldwaser, DO was the keynote speaker at the 25th Annual Westchester Parks and Recreation Department conference. His speech was primarily about the importance of diet and exercise and how small changes in life could have a major impact on long-term health, including how 5% weight loss and 20 minutes of exercise a day could stop arthritic progression and stop pain in joints. He gave detailed tips how to fit in exercise around a busy work schedule and how cutting out a few snacks a day could help losing a pound a week.

“A healthy, active lifestyle is imperative to a long and happy life,” said Dr. Goldwaser. “It was an honor and privilege to deliver the Keynote Speech on Mastering Your Own Health at the 25th Annual Westchester Parks and Recreation Conference. Answering the audience’s questions afterwards and engaging with the group was a rewarding experience – it gave me the feeling that I helped make a difference in the Community.”

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