Dr. Elan Goldwaser Receives Best Presentation at the 2020 AOASM Virtual Annual Meeting

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Dr. Elan Goldwaser receives best presentation on “Sudden Cardiac Death in an Olympic Athlete” at the 2020 American Osteopathic Association of Sports Medicine, Virtual Annual Meeting. 

While covering The Milrose Games, a leading international track and field event in 2019, Dr. Goldwaser was involved in resuscitating Kemoy Campbel, a Jamaican Olympic track athlete, who suddenly collapsed off the track while rabbiting the 3000m race.  After being found by the event staff to be pulseless, CPR and life-saving measures were employed by the medical staff and Mr. Campbell regained a pulse and began breathing again.  He was transported to Columbia’s cardiac ICU where it was determined that he had cardiac sarcoidosis, a rare but potentially fatal disease. 

After extensive testing, monitoring, and performing cardiac physical therapy, Mr. Campbell has become progressively more active and even returned to the Milrose Games this year where he received a standing ovation by the crowd when he fired the starting gun.

Dr. Goldwaser continues to do research on Cardiac Sarcoidosis and says,  “Cardiac Sarcoidosis is a rare and life-threatening condition that can lead to sudden cardiac death in anyone at any caliber of athleticism.  Having an efficient and effective Emergency Action Plan in place can quite literally save lives.”

Regarding being recipient of the 2020 AOASM award, Dr. Goldwaser says, “It was inspiring to present this topic at a national meeting and see so many participants taking interest in the case through thought-provoking questions and commentary. It was a uniquely amazing situation to be in; not only to have won this podium case presentation, but to also be involved in a large-scale meeting that was last-minute converted to a virtual platform.  To see everyone work together to make this happen quickly, it reminds me what we’re all capable of when we work together towards a common goal.”