Dr. Michael G. Vitale Creates App to Track Childhood Scoliosis

Columbia Orthopedics Chief of Pediatric Spine and Scoliosis Surgery, Michael G. Vitale, MD launched an app called Scoliosis Tracker. The app is designed to allow users to measure, record, and track scoliosis in children. The app also features appointment reminders and educational content for patients and parents. 

"Scoliosis tracker is a new application designed to allow pediatricians, surgeons and patients to measure and keep track of details related to the care of children with scoliosis," said Dr. Vitale. "The application includes a digital scoliometer to allow the measurement of curve rotation and a graphical interface which allow the tracking of curve progression over time."

The app also features:

  • Ability to track and record patient growth and curve progression 
  • Patient checklists for tracking compliance with conservative scoliosis care (eg bracing, Vit D and Physical therapy)
  • Frequently asked questions regarding nonoperative and operative management of pediatric scoliosis

Find out more about the Scoliosis Tracker here.