Dr. Michael Vitale Publishes Book on Spine Surgery Safety

Safety in Spine Surgery: Transforming Patient Care and Optimizing Outcomes book

Columbia Orthopedics Chief of Pediatric Spine and Scoliosis Surgery, Michael Vitale, MD, published a book, co-authored by Drs. Rajiv Sethi and Kevin Wang, on spine surgery safety for spine surgeons and other healthcare professionals. The book titled “Safety in Spine Surgery: Transforming Patient Care and Optimizing Outcomes” provides guidance to readers on improving safety and care for pediatric and adult patients who are undergoing surgery for spine disorders.

The publication covers three areas of spinal surgery safety:

  • frequently encountered problems such as catastrophic intraoperative neurologic events and surgical site infection
  • counter measures to improve safety, such as optimizing pain management and using CUSP
  • the systems approach to improve safety on a comprehensive level

The book also features informative videos that cover a wide range of spinal surgery safety topics such as combating burnout, robotics in spine surgery and avoiding blood loss.

Dr. Vitale expressed his graditute for his coauthors' work via Twitter, "[I am] incredibly grateful to coauthors on Safety in Spine Surgery who contributed their time and expertise in order to make spine surgery care better for adults and children."

Find out more about the book here.