Drs. Jobin and Levine Publish Study in JSES International

Providers from the Shoulder, Elbow, and Sports Medicine Service at Columbia Orthopedics published a retrospective cohort study in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (JSES) International.

The article, “Association between shoulder coracoacromial arch morphology and anterior instability of the shoulder,” used radiographic measurements and clinical information to identify anatomical risk factors in the development of recurrent shoulder instability and correlation with severity of anterior instability.

The study; authored by Charles M. Jobin, MD, William N. Levine, MD; fellows Elise C. Bixby, MD and Mario H. Lobao, MD; two MD candidates; and an alumnus of the Shoulder and Elbow Fellowship; performed a retrospective analysis of 50 shoulders treated with arthroscopic stabilization for recurrent anterior shoulder instability over a four year period.

This is the first study that measures coracoacromial arch anatomy of patients with anterior shoulder instability and evaluates the relationship between shoulder arch morphology and the presence and severity of recurrent anterior instability.

“[The study] demonstrates increased sports shoulder dislocation risk in athletes who have less containing shoulder bone geometry,” said Dr. Jobin.

Read the full article here.