Dr. William N. Levine interviewed about mentoring

Surgical Mentor Interviews Dr. William N. Levine

Columbia Ortho Chair Shares His Lessons on Mentorship

Surgical Mentor, a non-profit managed by surgeons for aspiring surgeons, uses technology to help facilitate mentorships that inspire and educate future surgeons and young fellows. The organization's goal is to overcome the limitations of the traditional mentorship model and to deliver inspiration and knowledge to a global audience. To that end, the site regularly posts in-depth interviews with practicing prominent surgeons representing a variety of medical fields.

The latest such video features Dr. William N. Levine, Chair of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. In the video below, Dr. Levine, shares his experience as both a mentor and a mentee.

Professor William N. Levine - Interview with Surgical Mentor