Road to Recovery: Jackson’s Story

Jackson is pictured at Arches National Park in Utah on a hike, post-surgery.

Jackson, an avid runner was on pace to beat his best time for a 5k and felt something pull mid run, which he intially thought might have been his groin. After about a year dealing with the pain, he started physical therapy, but it did not entirely solve the issue. 

“I ended up tearing my labrum and it went undiagnosed for a year and half. I got an MRI and X-ray and found Dr. Sean Lynch of Columbia University Irving Medical Center online. Based off his good reviews, experience, and his proximity to me, I felt comfortable getting a review of my MRI and deciding next course of actions with him,” said Jackson. 

Jackson had a hip arthroscopy surgery in December of 2020, which is a minimally invasive hip surgery that repairs the cartilage of the labrum which lines the hip socket. “I was very happy with the results; everything was fantastic throughout. The team even called my sister to let her know that my surgery was a success.” 

Post-surgery, Jackson was on crutches for 4 weeks and began doing physical therapy with Amanda Till and team at Columbia. “Amanda and her team were very attentive to my concerns, if I had any weird discomfort, she was open to listen and give me stretches to help. About six weeks into the recovery process, my hip began to feel great throughout the day with minimal discomfort,” said Jackson. 

I felt very confident with the expertise and experience with the team at Columbia. The PT team and Amanda specifically, were so receptive to my concerns. It was also very easy to schedule appointments with them around my work schedule. I really appreciated the entire team’s attentiveness with my recovery, and I am excited to get back to running.

“Jackson made my job easy! He always came into the clinic ready to work. I believe the clear communication and his compliance with the home exercise program truly optimized his rehab potential,” said Amanda Till, PT. 

Jackson has gone back to playing competitive tennis, and recently completed a 7 -day hiking trip visiting 5 national parks across southern Utah and hiked around 55 miles. “I used a lot of the exercises and stretches I learned from Amanda throughout the trip and my hip felt great the entire time,” said Jackson.