2022-2023 Graduate Staff Salaries

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Housing Stipend

An annual $3,000 housing stipend is available to all residents–paid in $1,500 installments every six months.


4 weeks of vacation per year per resident are provided. Back-to-back weeks are not allowed and there are no vacations in June or July.

Parental Leave

We value fair and unbiased parental leave and protections for residents

  1. Applies to both birthing and non-birthing parents including surrogates, adoptive parents, and foster parents, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

  2. Applies immediately upon beginning PGY1 year.

  3. Residents can take 6 weeks leave from training for purposes of parental, caregiver and medical leave once during training, without a change in salary, without utilizing vacation time and without extending training

    1. This policy aligns with the paid time off allowed by NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to an employee who is the primary caregiver of a new child.

    2. The leave may be taken anytime within 1 year of the birth/adoption of their child.

    3. No coercion or pressure to decline this leave may be applied to the resident for any reason by the program.

  4. Residents may request to rearrange their vacation at their convenience for more contiguous time away from work/training around the birth of a child or medical issues

  5. All residents are permitted the full benefits of FMLA and other applicable state laws beyond what is detailed here, but residents requesting additional leave should be aware of the orthopedic specialty’s board requirement, with the knowledge that additional leave may lead to extension of residency training.