About Our Services

Hand and Upper Extremity

Our Mission

You assume you'll be able to move your hands with dexterity and without pain. After all, you depend on them when conducting almost every detail of your life. Therefore, if you develop a problem with your hands, even a minor one, you'll inevitably experience challenges in countless everyday activities. When that happens, you need an orthopedic specialist who is an expert in diagnosing and treating your particular hand problem, no matter what it is.

The surgeons in our Hand and Upper Extremity service have that expertise. They are highly experienced in treating common and complex hand problems as well as traumatic hand injuries.

This service was first established in 1949 and now, decades later, its surgeons treat approximately 5,000 patients on an outpatient basis each year and perform 1,000 operations annually. Even given this significant volume, our outstanding Hand and Upper Extremity team provides each and every patient with ongoing personalized attention from the moment he or she arrives for a first appointment.

Expert Care

We can treat many conditions without surgery using physical therapy, injections, splinting, and/or casting. When medically necessary, our specialists apply well-honed surgical techniques that incorporate components of orthopedic, plastic, neurological, and vascular surgery — followed by rigorous rehabilitation — to correct underlying conditions, relieve pain, and help restore mobility and function.

When treating traumatic hand injuries, our surgeons use advanced grafting techniques to cover exposed bone and injured soft tissue. They are also adept at applying innovative strategies for transplantation of bone and soft tissue to treat bone tumors and to save the hand.

Our specialists regularly treat:

  • All manner of hand wrist and upper extremity fractures
  • Carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Tendonitis (such as trigger finger or DeQuervain's disease)
  • Ganglions and mucous cysts
  • Ligamt and cartilage injuries
  • Arthritic conditions of the hand and wrist
  • Severe finger and wrist lacerations
  • Congenital deformities
  • Bone tumors

Personalized Approach

Every patient is unique, and our dedicated team of medical professionals designs treatment programs to fit the individual needs of each patient. Whether you have a common orthopedic condition or require advanced reconstructive surgery, our goal is to provide education that will enable you to choose the best possible treatment option and begin the process of healing and recovery.