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Hip and Knee Reconstruction

Our Mission

Are your hips or knees causing you so much pain that climbing stairs or just the act of walking has become difficult? Do you hurt when you’re sitting or lying down, or even after trying medications, a cane, and changes in your daily activities?

If so, it’s probably hard to enjoy your life: you’re so focused on avoiding the recurring discomfort that has been restricting your mobility and your independence.

Over the past few decades, there has been enormous progress in the treatment of damaged hips and knees — approaches that are returning patients to active and pain-free lives. With a full recovery as the ultimate goal, the best results are those that translate into long-term, positive outcomes.

Expert Care

Our expert team of providers utilize the latest techniques and technologies to provide tailored treatment plans and superior outcomes for patients – from managing arthritis pain with targeted injections to minimally invasive anterior approach hip replacements, bone and ligament-sparing knee replacements, robot-assisted surgery, joint-sparing hip preservation surgeries, and advanced reconstruction to repair or replace failed or damaged joint replacements.

Managing pain is a crucial part of our approach to care, and we try to prevent pain before it happens. Our doctors work closely with our anesthesiologists to create a pain medication regimen just for you, taking into account your age, medical history, and potential side effects. The better your pain is controlled, the more you'll be able to do as you begin your recovery.

Personalized Approach

Every patient is unique, and our dedicated team of medical professionals designs treatment programs to fit the individual needs of each patient. Whether you have a common orthopedic condition or require advanced reconstructive surgery, our goal is to provide education that will enable you to choose the best possible treatment option and begin the process of healing and recovery.