Second Opinions

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Columbia's specialists frequently provide second opinions for patients with pediatric orthopedic disorders.

When it comes to your child's care, any decision is a big decision. Is surgery the only option? What are the risks? Should I get a second opinion?

Every year thousands of people are told by their doctor they may need surgery. It’s normal to have questions or doubts, and you may want more information about alternative treatments. Getting a second opinion can help you better understand your child's condition, what options are available, and what other experts recommend. A common misconception is that your current doctor will be mad if you get a second opinion, it is actually very common for patients to get more than one opinion before choosing treatment, especially if it involves surgery. Knowing all the options available for you and your child can make you feel more comfortable about moving forward with a care plan.

Why Get a Second Opinion?

  • It can help you feel more confident that you have the right diagnosis and that you’ve chosen the right treatment path for your child
  • You can get input from another top expert in the field
  • If your child needs surgery, a second opinion may also show any potential alternatives
  • You can better understand the benefits and risks 

Why Get a Second Opinion from our Pediatric Orthopedics Team at Columbia?

Our doctors and specialists at Columbia University Irving Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital are leaders in their field and at the forefront in the use of cutting-edge technology and procedures. Our team is also active in research focused on the advances in orthopedic patient care since the field was invented in the late 19th century. Our physicians and researchers continue to advance the state of the art in musculoskeletal medicine through innovative clinical outcomes research.

How Does it Work?

You will set up an appointment (in person or online) with one of our expert pediatric orthopedics providers who will review your test results, medical history, and any other information given. They will then consult with our teams here at Columbia University Irving Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to provide you with their expert opinion and comprehensive care plan recommendation.

What are the next steps?

Schedule a second opinion consultation with our team: