Visitors and Observers

The breadth of research and training at Columbia Orthopedics creates an array of opportunities for individuals to participate in enriching educational experiences. These opportunities are intended to be enriching educational and/or research experiences with a defined educational purpose. The following policy information and guidance are for those who wish to serve as a visitor/observer.

Due to the educational nature of these experiences, these positions are not employment positions, and those in them are not considered Columbia University/Columbia University Medical Center employees.

Interested visitors/observers and faculty interested in serving as sponsors for visitors/observers should first call 212.932.5091 to discuss plans for the experience. For a visitor/observer to participate, all requirements, forms, and fees must be submitted, approved, and paid prior to arrival on campus to begin a visitor/observer experience.

Department of Orthopedic Surgery Visitors & Observers Fee Policy


  • Less than one (1) full month: $1,000
  • One (1) full month, or more: $2,000 per month

Industry Visitors:

  • $500 (one-time flat fee, per person, per visit)

Residents, Fellows, Medical Postdoctoral Students, Undergraduate Students

  • No Fee

All fees must be paid in advance at once; partial payments are not allowed.

We are committed to providing opportunities for visitors and observers to continue to build on our department’s rich legacy and mission to educate future administrative, clinical, and research leaders in Orthopedic Surgery.