Administrative Basics

Institutional Information for Applications

Visit the Sponsored Projects Administration website for information about institutional policies and procedures.

The Office of Grants & Contracts must review and sign off all applications at least 5 days before the agency submission deadline. You must bring the rascal data sheet, application, and budget. (Note: please check with our project officer re: NIH and other federal agencies as these may need to be in G&C earlier).


A rascal protocol must be created on the Grants and Contracts module. Visit the Rascal website for more information.

If your study is a clinical trial, you must select Clinical Trials in the Submitting To dropdown menu on the General Instructions page. All others select Health Sciences or Morningside as appropriate.

Only Faculty can be the principal investigator of record in Rascal. This is a University Policy.

Note: Rascal is an internal tracking system. Grants and Contracts officers are aware that residents will be PIs on resident grant applications.


NIH proposals and budget must be processed in InfoEd. For information visit the Research Administration website

Award Letters

To ensure grants funds will be available when needed, forward a copy of the award letter to the department's finance team.