Hip and Knee Reconstruction Fellowship

Frank E. Stinchfield Adult Reconstruction Fellowship


The Frank E. Stinchfield Adult Reconstruction Fellowship at Columbia Orthopedics and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital produces technically skilled and academically capable surgeons of the hip and knee. Trainees are positioned to be leaders in academic, private practice, or community settings and are groomed to support and participate in our society of specialists. Our fellows train under five surgeons and are exposed to a high volume of case types spanning the full spectrum of implants, technologies, and surgical exposures. A diverse patient population leads to varying pathology, while access to innovative technology encourages a wide spectrum of surgical solutions.

Part of the fellowship experience at this large academic center involves resident and medical student education. Past fellows have successfully formed a mutually beneficial and supportive relationship with residents. Fellows are expected to engage in resident education both in the operative, clinic and academic settings. The attending surgeons at this institution take special effort to guide the fellow in resident instruction, helping to hone these skills, essential for all types of future surgical careers.

In addition to learning the intricacies of primary and revision hip and knee surgery, the fellow will gain some exposure to peri-prosthetic fracture care, operative management of hip fractures and basic knee arthroscopy. There is access to a fresh tissue laboratory to practice particular approaches and device implantation. Hip and knee replacement surgery will be taught both with and without computer assistance and navigation. Image-based navigation is complemented by practice with imageless navigation techniques and soft tissue release strategies that utilize electronic pressure-sensor feedback. All skills necessary to proceed confidently into a cutting-edge, independent practice will be introduced and reinforced throughout the year.

Extensive research opportunities exist, with the support of an active and engaged research coordinator and research fellow. A comprehensive electronic hip and knee patient database has been in place since 2004, which can be utilized for research purposes. Fellows are allotted protected research time and are encouraged to produce at least one project of sufficient quality for publication. Further academic involvement is encouraged and well supported.

2023 Fellowship Prospectus