Adult and Pediatric Comprehensive Spine Fellowship

Comprehensive adult & pediatric spinal surgery training at NewYork-Presbyterian Och Spine Hospital

Adult and Pediatric Comprehensive Spine Fellowship


The purpose of the fellowship is to comprehensively train surgeons to treat all spinal diseases and conditions of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine: both degenerative and deformity; trauma and tumor; pediatric and adult. Those completing the fellowship will be adept at performing every type of surgical case from complex scoliosis and kyphosis corrections with three column osteotomies, to cervical, lumbar degenerative and minimally invasive surgery (MIS).

This one-year fellowship program, which participates with the North American Spine Society and in the San Francisco Matching Program, has a total of 4 fellows—who spend a majority of their time within the NewYork-Presbyterian Och Spine Hospital.

Our program is unique in that fellows train with spine surgeons from both the departments of orthopedic and neurological surgery. The overall case-load profile is 40% deformity, 55% degenerative (cervical and lumbar), and 5% tumor/fracture. 40% of cases are cervical, while 60% are thoracic/lumbar in nature, with a minimally invasive (MIS) exposure for many pathologies as well. Age distribution equates to 90% adult and 10% pediatric. The attendings are covered by four fellows, one chief/senior resident and multiple physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs). PAs provide 24/7 care coverage on the patient floors.

2023 Fellowship Prospectus