Huang Lab

The Huang Lab is a member of the Carroll Laboratories located on the 14th floor of the William Black Building at Columbia University Medical Center.  Our research focuses on the molecular and mechanical regulation of musculoskeletal tissue healing and regeneration, with particular focus on tendon/ligament and the annulus fibrosis of the intervertebral disc.  The approach we take in the lab combines genetic mouse models with in vitro tissue engineering platforms and directed differentiation of pluripotent stem cells to identify novel cell and molecular mechanisms that distinguish tissue regeneration from fibrotic scar formation.



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Lab Members

  • Giulia Crosio

    PhD Graduate Student

    Research Interests: inflammatory cells involved in tendon regeneration and healing in mice. Giulia received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Fairfield University with a minor in Health Studies, Research Distinction, and with both Biology and Health Studies Awards for Academic Excellence (2020). Currently, Giulia is pursuing her PhD in Biomedical Science from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, with a concentration in Development, Regeneration and Stem Cell biology. In her free time, Giulia enjoys exploring new food in NYC, hiking, going to the gym, playing tennis, enjoying music, crocheting and binge watching Netflix.